Recicladoras de Quito

Garbage is a silent problem in Ecuador, the government is not interest on investing in a system where garbage could be part of a wider cycle of recycling. Quito, Ecuador's capital is almost going on a crisis for its growth and poor urban planning.  Folded over themselves, under heavy garbage bags, every night the women recyclers of Quito, a city in the middle of the Andes, walk from 6pm to 3am, at night hoping to get the garbage before the garbage truck. A hard work, smelly, dirty, a job that they have been doing for a lifetime and for which they are proud. Recyclers are mostly women, from 15 to 80 years old, who obtain a monthly salary of 100 USD approximately. They are women who work, perform a service for the city at night they walk in the cold street, tired and exposed to the dangers of the dark. During the day they are mothers, care givers of the house, who have to take care of their children without having slept. Today, even if the attitude of citizens has improved towards them, none of the institutions have recognized their work.